Biodiversity, short for biological diversity, is the term used to describe the variety of life found on Earth and all of the natural processes. This includes ecosystem, genetic and cultural diversity, and the connections between these and all species. As a public body, we have a duty to consider biodiversity in all aspects of our work.

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Protected species and habitats

Some biodiversity is protected by law. Certain species are protected under UK and European legislation, which broadly prohibit the killing, injuring, taking or selling of wild animals and plants listed in the appropriate schedule. Protection is also given to their places of shelter or breeding.

Protected species (PDF, 352KB)

Areas of the environment can be designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas. Locally important sites are designated as Wildlife Sites.

Protected sites (PDF, 1.9MB)

Some species and habitats are priorities for biodiversity conservation in Wales under Section 42 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act. You can find out which species and habitats these are by reading the following documents;

Planning works

It is important that biodiversity is considered early on in the planning process to avoid delays and/or additional costs. Depending on your proposal, you may need to submit ecological surveys and mitigation proposals as part of your planning application. 

The Conservation and Enhancement of Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Guidance contains additional information to guide you through the planning process and should be referred to prior to submitting your application. 

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What are we doing to help?

We carry out projects through our Local Biodiversity Action Plan to benefit important habitats and species. 

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More information

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