Planning Committee

The Planning Committee of Denbighshire County Council decides around 25% of the planning applications received by the County Council every year. The Planning Committee is made up of Members from different areas throughout the County. The Committee contains Members of different political groups and in total reflects the political balance of the Council.

The Planning Committee has a Chair and Vice Chair.

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What applications will the Planning Committee deal with?

The majority of planning applications received by the Council are dealt with by the professional Planning Officers under “delegated powers”. This allows the straightforward, non-controversial applications to be dealt with efficiently by Officers, allowing Committee to concentrate on the major or more contentious decisions.

Our adopted Scheme of Delegation sets out the types of application dealt with by Officers and Committee.

When does the Planning Committee meet?

The Planning Committee meet every 4 weeks or so in the Council Chambers, Wynnstay Road, Ruthin. 

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At least 3 working days before the Planning Committee, reports on the applications due to be heard at the Committee are published on our website.

The various reports to be considered by the Planning Committee will contain details of all responses to consultation and publicity received by the time the report was finalised.

Do the Committee Members visit the application site?

A panel of Members may choose, at their request, to visit an application site prior to it being heard at Committee. The panel of Members is usually politically balanced and will also contain relevant specialist Officers. There are agreed procedures for site panels. Photographs of the application sites and their surroundings are always shown at Committee.

Can I address Planning Committee?

Yes, we allow Public Speaking at our Planning Committee. For further information on how to do this please see have your say about a planning application.

You should be aware that the Planning Committee is webcast (external website). There are rules and procedures that must be followed at Committee and speakers should focus only on the material planning issues in any particular case.

What happens after the Planning Committee?

Officers will normally issue relevant certificates of decision on those applications decided by the Planning Committee 2 or 3 days after Committee

Should Committee choose to defer making a decision on a particular application (i.e. to seek further information) applicants will be informed soon after the meeting.