What does the Council do?

What is Denbighshire County Council?

Denbighshire County Council is a County Council covering the county of Denbighshire in North East Wales. As a unitary authority it is responsible for providing nearly all local government functions in the area.

What does the Council do?

The key services that the Council provides includes:

  • Council housing
  • Education services
  • Electoral registration
  • Environmental health
  • Leisure and recreation facilities
  • Libraries
  • Local planning
  • Local transport
  • Parks and public places
  • Regulation of local business
  • Maintenance of roads and footpaths
  • Social services
  • Waste and recycling

How is the Council run?

The day-to-day running of the Council and the delivery of the services it provides are carried out by Council staff. The Council is split into a number of different Services, for example Waste and Recycling and Highways Maintenance forms part of Highways and Environmental Services. Each service is managed by a Head of Service, who is responsible for all operational decisions within their service. The Heads of Service report to the Chief Executive Officer and two Corporate Directors, together these all form the Senior Leadership Team.

'Elected members' or 'councillors' have been elected by their communities to determine and scrutinise the Council’s budget, its key strategic policies and decisions and represent the interests of their communities. Councillors are expected to attend full Council meetings and may also be appointed to a range of other committees, for example, the Cabinet, the Scrutiny Committees or the Planning Committee.

You will be able to vote for your Councillor at least once every five years, whenever a local election is held.