How the Council works

What the Council does and how it works.

Services and information

What does the Council do?

We provide all kinds of services for the people of Denbighshire.

How the Council is funded

The Council provides a wide range of services and relies on a number of funding sources in order to be able to do this.

Council Tax

Council tax is levied to part fund the services provided by the Council and also contributes to funding North Wales Police.

The Leader, Cabinet and Elected Councillors

Information about the Leader, Cabinet and Elected Councillors.

Political composition of the council

Information about the Political composition of the council.

Re-shaping the Council

In recent years, the financial climate has been very challenging. Less money going to the Welsh Government has meant less funds available for local authorities.

Committees and meetings

Information about committees and meetings.

Management structure

Information about the Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team.

Scrutiny Committees

Information about Scrutiny Committees.