Insurance claims against the council

You are entitled to make a claim against the council for any damage or injury that you believe the council has caused to you or your property.

Making a claim does not automatically entitle you to compensation for damage or injuries. Many factors have to be considered to establish whether the council have been negligent and are legally liable.

Establishing negligence and legal liability can be complicated and we suggest you seek independent legal advice before making a claim. Council staff are not allowed to either admit or deny negligence. This has to be decided by the council's insurers who will decide if the council has been at fault and is therefore liable for the claim against it.

How to make a claim

If you wish to make a claim for compensation you should put your claim in writing, and include:

  • your name and address
  • where and when the incident happened
  • details of any damage or injury

You can send your claim by email or by post to:

Insurance section,
Denbighshire County Council,
PO Box 62,
LL15 9AZ

Portal ID

If you are a third party solicitor enquiring about our insurance details, they are as follows:

For Employers Liability and Public Liability claims our insurer is Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

Policy number: QLA04U0100023

Renewal date: 30 July 2026

Portal ID: C00650