Social Care Workforce Development Partnership

The Social Care Workforce Development Partnership (SCWDP) provides an annual comprehensive training and development programme across adult community care, children and family services and management development.

This programme is open to external providers, or other appropriate social care organisations working in Denbighshire, who provide commissioned adult and children and family services.

Social Care Workforce Development and Training

Our aim is for a 'whole sector' approach to meeting training needs and attaining qualification targets. We aim to support employers of social care workers with training, continuous professional development and workforce matters.

The SCWDP is a national scheme, which is partially funded by the Welsh Government. You can find information on how much funding each local authority receives in the annual circular:

Social Care Workforce Development Partnership Circular (PDF, 564KB)

SCWDP communication strategy 2019 to 2020

In line with the Public Information Strategy 2015 to 2017 and the Welsh Language Standards, the partnership will endeavour at all times to meet the following principles surrounding public information and information published on the Denbighshire website:

  • We produce our public information bilingually (English and Welsh), and in other languages and formats upon request, in line with corporate standards and accepted good practice
  • The Social Services web pages provide detailed information on our services and afford members of the public the opportunity to communicate with our services online. We also provide links to the SCWDP training plans and signpost to other useful online resources and partner websites
  • We aim to provide accessible information and services through the website. We monitor the contents of our web pages to make sure they have appropriate links and attachments, are accurate and comply with corporate standards
  • Our pages are checked regularly for broken links and inaccessible attachments


The Denbighshire Social Care Workforce Partnership communicate with the sector by:

  • Ensuring all the members of the partnership have received details of the 2019 to 2020 SCWDP Circular via email and our Social Care training web page
  • The link to the Circular will also be highlighted on the SCWDP Newsletter which is sent out to all Denbighshire’s commissioned services, direct payments recipients, 3rd sector organisations and non-commissioned providers who have expressed a wish to be on our communications list on a quarterly basis
  • Partnership meetings will be held 4 times a year and the terms of reference and membership will be reviewed annually
  • Additional training dates and places may be added as they become available and emails will be sent informing partners of any extra availability. Partners will also be notified of any place(s) being allocated or when an application is unsuccessful
  • Any new commissioned services will be contacted by the SCWDP Co-ordinator to advise about the Partnership and training plans


Social Care Workforce Development Partnership training programme 2021 to 2022 (PDF, 534KB)

Details of training events, information on eligibility for training, and how to book are available on the social care training page.