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The current situation

Denbighshire County Council is one of the largest employers in the county providing the community with essential services and supporting 95,000 residents. It aims to deliver its activity in a sustainable way for the long-term benefit of communities and their future generations.

Like Local Authorities across Wales, the Council’s financial position is currently incredibly challenging, and the need for significant budget savings is unprecedented.

Why is the Council facing a funding gap?

It is estimated that delivering day to day services – including social services, waste collection and schools, will cost an extra £26m due to price increases, inflation, and pressure on demand.

Despite an expected increase in funding of £5.6m (3%) by Welsh Government, this still leaves a funding gap of £20.4m. The Council must therefore find additional money through savings and efficiencies, charges for services, increases in Council Tax or by reducing or cutting services. 

How does the Council propose to close the funding gap?

To meet this, the Council has asked each service to identify and propose potential savings. On this page you will find the current proposals under consideration.

Denbighshire Library Service

Proposals have been put forward to reduce opening hours across Denbighshire's library service.

More information

News: Proposals put forward to reduce Denbighshire library hours.

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Consultation: Library Opening Hours consultation.

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