How we spend money

Information about what we spend and how we spend it.

Services and information

What we spend, how we spend it.

As a Council, we want to keep you informed about money.

Each year we are legally required to set a balanced budget, but this is getting harder. There are many things that affect our budget so this page seeks to clarify and help people understand where we get our money from and how we spend it.

Pie Chart

We will be adding more information to these web pages soon, please check back for updates. You can also view our Budget Books for further information about Council spending.

Budget overview

An overview of the council's budget and budgeting process.

How the Council is funded

Find out how the Council is funded.

How your Council Tax is spent

Information about how your Council Tax is spent.

Your Council Tax bill explained

Information about your Council Tax bill.


Waste and recycling

Find out how much we spend on waste and recycling.

Further information

Statement of accounts

The annual statement of accounts reports on transactions during the year, and our financial position at the end of the year.

Budget books

Budget books show our planned spending for each financial year.

Councillors' allowances and remuneration

Councillors receive a basic annual allowance, paid in monthly instalments, which is subject to tax and National Insurance contributions.