Empty Homes Delivery Plan

We are working to bring empty homes back into use.

We are focusing on long term empty homes which have been unoccupied for more than 6 months. We will work with properties that have no viable plan to bring them back into use.

As part of the empty homes plan for Denbighshire, our objectives are: 

  • to return as many empty homes as possible back into use 
  • to improve the condition of the buildings we already have before building new ones 
  • to use empty homes for affordable housing 
  • to recover debts that empty home owners owe the council

Tackling Denbighshire’s empty homes will have a positive impact because: 

  • empty homes could be used to provide much-needed affordable housing 
  • empty homes can blight a street, and undermine the community’s confidence in an area 
  • empty homes cost their owners up to £8,o00 a year in council tax, upkeep and lost rent, so bringing them back into use will save money for the owners 
  • dealing with complaints and being called out to empty homes costs us thousands of pounds each year, so bringing them back into use will save money for the council 
  • it’s more sustainable for the environment if we use up what we’ve got before building new homes

You can read the plan in full for more details about what we are doing.

Empty homes delivery plan (PDF, 3.48MB)