Damaged waste and recycling wheelie bins

We can repair some damaged waste and recycling wheelie bins, while others may be replaced for free if they are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


We have limited range of spare parts for wheelie bins and may be able to repair your bin if it needs any of the following:

  • Replacement wheel (one or two);
  • Replacement axle;
  • Replacement hinge(s)/re-attach lid

We cannot replace broken lids because of the amount of different types of bins. 

How much does a bin repair cost? 

There is a charge of £10 for the bin repair service.

Arrange a bin repair

You can contact us to arrange a bin repair, please include the wheelie bin size and colour when you get in contact. 

Replacing a damaged bin

If your bin is less than 2 years old and has a major fault through general use (e.g. a crack in the main body or base of the bin), you may be able to get a free replacement if the damage is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Free replacements will not be provided for bins that have been damaged by:

  • overfilling
  • vandalism
  • misuse

You can contact us to find out if a damaged bin can be replaced for free under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your bin is older than 2 years old and cannot be repaired, you can order a replacement bin. Find out how to order a replacement bin.