Ordering a new bin or bags

New Container Requests

Please read the following information before contacting us:

Across the UK there is a shortage of drivers affecting many industries. The backlog of driving assessments stemming from last year’s lockdowns, as well as the constraints for foreign drivers working in the UK is now impacting on the waste industry too, as competition for drivers between industries has increased. The Council is also having to manage with a growing number of staff having to self-isolate and availability of workers from agency pools has also significantly reduced.

This means that we have to prioritise the most important services. At this current time we can only deliver waste containers on a reduced operating schedule. We regret, this means you may experience delays of up to 6 weeks to receive your container should your request be approved.

We will prioritise requests from new build households who have no containers.

If you require disposable sacks or caddy liners please note these are freely available at the Council One Stop Shops and Libraries. We urge you to use this method to help alleviate demand on the delivery teams. You may also tie a liner (or yellow tag if there is one at the end of your last roll) to your food waste caddy to let the waste collection team know you have run out and they will leave a roll behind for you.

If you are requesting a bigger or additional blue bin and your request is approved, please put additional recyclable waste out in a cardboard box by the side of your blue bin, making sure the waste is contained and does not blow out in the wind.

To make the best use of your existing recycling capacity we recommend:

  • flatten all cardboard boxes and slide them down the inner sides of the blue bin
  • squash all plastic bottles and cans (replace caps after squashing if necessary)
  • spread extra recyclable materials from one-off occasions over consecutive collections, e.g. after parcel delivery or birthday party

If after flattening recyclable materials as best you can, you still have additional recyclable material, it should be placed out for collection in a cardboard box next to your blue bin.

Request a replacement bin / sacks

Can I get more food waste bags?

If you have a yellow tag, tie it onto your food caddy and we will leave more bags on your collection day. Please only use your tag when you have run out of bags. Alternatively you can contact the customer service centre by phoning 01824 706000 and a roll of bags will be left for you on your collection day.

You can also get additional food waste bags from the following council One Stop Shops: