Report a workplace health and safety issue

If you have a concern about health and safety in a workplace, depending on the premises, you will need to contact us or the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

When to contact us

You can contact us about the following types of premises: 

  • offices (except government offices) 
  • shops 
  • hotels 
  • restaurants 
  • leisure premises 
  • nurseries and playgroups 
  • pubs and clubs 
  • museums (privately owned) 
  • places of worship 
  • sheltered accommodation and care homes 

When to contact the HSE

The HSE is responsible for enforcing health and safety at the workplaces below: 

  • factories 
  • farms 
  • building sites 
  • nuclear installations 
  • mines 
  • schools and colleges 
  • fairgrounds 
  • gas, electricity and water systems 
  • hospitals and nursing homes 
  • central and local government premises 
  • offshore installations 

You can report an issue to the HSE online (external website).