Edge of Care: Micro-provider Initiative

Denbighshire County Council is running a free development programme to support residents to set up their own micro-provider service in their local communities.

The micro-providers offer care and support to older and disabled people in their own homes to help them live their lives their way.

Simply put, we support local people helping other local people.

The mentoring programme is completely free to join and will enable you to work for yourself, choose your own hours, work locally and offer a service you can be proud of.

The programme will offer you a friendly and supportive point of contact to set your micro-provider service up right and give you practical information on regulation, training and opportunities in the social care sector.

You will join a network of other micro-providers in Denbighshire who are helping people live in their own homes for longer and improving the quality of their lives through a wide range of services.

A micro-provider could offer a range of services to include; practical help around the house, cleaning, helping with meals, DIY, shopping, personal care, dog walking, companionship and much more.

Any service that will help someone be safer and happier in their own home, we will support.

If you think you would like to learn more about this exciting new programme, please complete our online enquiry form below and someone will be in touch.

Edge of Care: Micro-provider Initiative enquiry form

Denbighshire Micro-provider Directory

Help guide to using a Micro-provider