UKSPF project: Community Capacity Key Fund

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Project lead: Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council

Project overview

This project aims to transform the power and ability of people in the Third Sector and within communities across Denbighshire to create and deliver essential services in a changing and challenging world. The project will focus on:

  • Building sustainable leadership capacity in Third Sector organisations to be able to
    • maximise the sector’s response to emerging societal challenges and needs
    • grow services to meet gaps
    • invest in organisational resilience
  • Creating and delivering a model for working in communities to build the confidence and skills of people to co-produce solutions to local problems
  • Providing a significant, targeted grant programme aimed at supporting innovation, resilience and sustainability for existing and developing new Third Sector organisations.

Project updates

March 2024

Some of the key things DVSC have achieved since being awarded SPF funding include:

  • All R1 Capital and Revenue grants have been made - All monitoring meetings have taken place, evidence of outcomes and outputs are being gathered. The projects are receiving great feedback.
  • 4 321 Masterclasses have taken place - 4th (Managing Change) taking place with excellent feedback.
  • 12 coaching relationships have been established with Chief Officers of 3rd sector organisations.
  • Round 2 of the Key Fund launched on 01/03/2024 and will close on 31/3/24.

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