Healthier, Happier, Caring: Community Capacity Building

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The 'Healthier, Happier, Caring: Community Capacity Building' theme aims to support the good work and resilience of our communities and the groups that operate within them. 

Interventions, outputs and outcomes

A proposal for the delivery of a grant scheme under this theme, to support smaller projects (under £250k) by communities and businesses is being taken to Cabinet in mid-February 2023. Subject to approval, further details on how to apply for these funds will be shared soon after.

Capital and revenue expenditure in years one, two and three for community capacity building
 Year Capital Revenue
 Year 2  £259,200  £48,000
 Year 3  £432,000  £1,079,524


  • W9: Funding for impactful volunteering and/or social action projects to develop social and human capital in local places.
  • W11: Investment in capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society and community groups.
  • W12: Investment in community engagement schemes to support community involvement in decision making in local regeneration.


Outputs for community capacity building
 OutputsTarget (numerical value)
Number of organisations receiving non-financial support (W9, W11, W12)  316
Number of local events or activities supported (W9, W12)  838
Number of volunteering opportunities supported (W9, W12)  690
Number of projects successfully completed (W9)  75
Number of amenities/facilities created or improved (W11)  10
Number of people attending training sessions (W11)  125
Number of organisations receiving financial support other than grants (W12)  30
Number of organisations receiving grants (W12)  57
Number of people reached (W12)  600


Outcomes for community capacity building
 Outcomes Target (numerical value)
Improved engagement numbers (W9, W11, W12) Target not currently set
Number of volunteering opportunities created as a result of support (W9) Target not currently set
Number of new or improved community facilities as a result of support (W11)  35


The project for this theme is Community Capacity Key Fund.

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