UKSPF project: Warm Wales - Supporting Communities

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Project lead: Warm Wales

Project overview

This pilot will work with communities in Denbighshire, including primary and secondary schools year 5,8,9 and 10, those living in all tenure. It will look at people, property, place, and partnerships to:

  • bring about social action to improve people’s wellbeing, confidence and skills
  • encourage more impactful volunteering, working with wider community to educate, make everyone more aware of energy efficiency, green technology and the impact of fuel poverty and the cost of living
  • provide free advice and support to residents to reduce energy bills and improve energy efficiency

Project updates

March 2024

Warm Wales, in collaboration with Haywire and Outside Lives, continues to make significant efforts in community outreach and support. Through their comprehensive range of services, including over-the-phone assistance, in-person workshops and outreach, we're addressing diverse needs, from energy and water related issues to emergency food and fuel banks to support the community.

Their partnership with Haywire has seen successful delivery of energy efficiency workshops in local schools, engaging primary and secondary pupils and promoting a greater understanding of energy-related concepts aligned with their curriculum.

Outside Lives has been leading in volunteer recruitment for the Happy Healthy Homes project. With a planned event calendar for 2024 and strategic partnerships with local organisations. The aim is to create a network of champions promoting community well-being.

Additionally, Warm Wales’ collaboration with theatre practitioners from Haywire ensures creative alignment, extending invitations to pupils for showcasing their artistic creations at future events. 

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