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The overall objective of Multiply is to increase the levels of functional numeracy in the adult population across the UK.

Success measures

UK Government have identified the following success measures for the whole programme at a national level:

  • More adults achieving maths qualifications / participating in numeracy courses (up to, and including Level 2)
  • Improved labour market outcomes e.g. fewer numeracy skills gaps reported by employers, and an increase in the proportion of adults that progress into sustained employment and / or education
  • Increased adult numeracy across the population – this overall impact, which goes beyond achieving certificates or qualifications, will track both the perceived and actual difference taking part in the programme makes in supporting learners to improve their understanding and use of maths in their daily lives, at home and at work – and to feel more confident when doing so


  • W44: Courses designed to increase confidence with numbers for those needing the first steps towards formal qualifications
  • W45: Courses for parents wanting to increase their numeracy skills in order to help their children and help with their own progression
  • W46: Courses aimed at prisoners, those recently released from prison or on temporary licence
  • W47: Courses aimed at people who can’t apply for certain jobs because of lack of numeracy skills and/or to encourage people to upskill in order to access a certain job/career
  • W48: Additional relevant maths modules embedded into other vocational courses
  • W49: Innovative programmes delivered together with employers – including courses designed to cover specific numeracy skills required in the workplace
  • W50: New intensive and flexible courses targeted at people without Level 2 maths in Wales, leading to an equivalent qualification
  • W51: Courses designed to help people use numeracy to manage their money
  • W52: Courses aimed at over 19s that are leaving, or have just left, the care system
  • W53: Activities, courses or provision developed in partnership with community organisations and other partners aimed at engaging the hardest to reach learners – for example, those not in the labour market or other groups identified locally as in need


The project for this theme is Numeracy for Living.

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