Information about dogs, including licencing, dog fouling and how to report a lost or found dog.

Services and information

Dog fouling

Information about dog fouling and fixed penalty notices.

Lost dogs

Help and advice on what to do if you have lost your dog.

Noisy dogs

Information about what you can do about noisy dogs.

Found dogs

What to do if you have found a stray dog.

Dangerous dogs (external website)

We do not deal with reports of dangerous dogs. If you believe a dog is dangerous, please report it to North Wales Police.

Dog breeding licence

You will need a licence to breed and sell dogs.

Dogs on our beaches

Information on when and where dogs can go on our beaches.

Animal boarding licence

How to apply and what conditions you must meet.

Public Spaces Protection Orders

View the Dog Control and Dog Fouling Public Spaces Protection Order 2021.