Information about autism and the support that is available for autistic people and their families.

Services and information

What is Autism? (external website)

Watch a video made by the National Autism Team designed to raise awareness and understanding of autism.

Local support for autistic people

Information about the local services, activities and support for autistic people and their families.

Diagnostic assessments for Autism

Find out about the guidelines that professionals follow and which teams are responsible diagnostic assessments for autism.

Autism Wales (external website)

The national autism site for Wales has autism specific information and resources for autistic people, families and for staff who support autistic people.

Autism training (external website)

Find out about the e-learning modules that have been co-produced by the National Autism Team.

C.A.L.L. Helpline Wales (external website)

The C.A.L.L. Helpline provides a confidential listening line which is a safe space to talk about matters relating to neurodivergence.

Support for carers and parents

Find out about the support for carers and parents of autistic children.

Welsh Government: Autism (external website)

Information from Welsh government including strategy, reports, projects and assessments.

Code of Practice on the delivery of autism services (external website)

The range and quality of autism services that local authorities, health boards and trusts should provide in their local areas.