Young carers 

If you are under 18 and you look after a family member due to long term illness or disability, WCD Young Carers (external website) can help you.

They can provide:

  • advice and information 
  • one-to-one support for you (and the person you care for, if needed) 
  • opportunities for you to meet other young carers 
  • outings and activities 
  • someone to speak up for you
You can find out more on the WCD Young Carers website (external website).

How to get help and support

Call us on 01824 712200. If we can’t take your call straight away, leave a message and we will call you back.

You can also email us at  

What is a young carer?

Young carers often spend their time doing things that the person they care for would usually do, such as: 

  • helping them get washed and dressed 
  • helping them with medication 
  • helping them get in and out of bed 
  • shopping, cooking and housework 
  • collecting benefits and paying bills 
  • going with them to appointments 
  • reading and explaining letters 
  • keeping them company and cheering them up

Taking on a caring role can often affect: 

  • your school or college work 
  • spending time with your friends and taking part in activities 
  • not having enough time for yourself 
  • how you feel about yourself

If you are taking on any of these roles, and you feel that you are a young carer, contact us and we will help you.