Older people's accommodation

Older people's accommodation is a type of accommodation for people over the age of 55 who need extra support or for people under 55 who have a disability.

Older people's accommodation can help you to live independently, and bring you into a community. Support is also available through the Supporting People Team to help develop or maintain skills and confidence necessary to live as independently as possible.

All our properties:

  • provide your own front door
  • are well heated
  • have reasonable rents
  • are safe and secure
  • are designed for easy access
  • are low maintenance

Anyone over the age of 55 can apply for older people's accommodation, although we also consider applications from people younger than 55 who have a disability.

How to apply

Please contact us to apply for older people's accommodation:

Phone: 01824 712911


When we consider your application, we will take into account your personal circumstances, medical conditions, housing circumstances and the help you need to live independently.