Compassionate leave

A maximum of 5 days (pro rata for part time employees) will be granted where the death is of a family member and the employee requires time off work on compassionate grounds.

The employee must inform their line manager of the bereavement and discuss what reasonable time off they require. The amount of time requested will depend on the individual circumstances, the maximum award of 5 days will not be applicable in all cases, for example, the employee may only need 1 day off for the funeral, therefore 1 day will be awarded.

A family member is defined as husband, wife, partner, parent, parent in law (to include partner’s parents where not married), guardian, son or daughter, grandchild, grandparent (to include great-grandparents), brother and sister (to include in law, and partners sibling where not married), aunt, uncle, niece or nephew. This also includes these relationships where they are of a ‘step’ basis, i.e. stepfather, stepmother, stepsibling.

This entitlement is available for each bereavement involving a family member.

Please speak to Human Resources if you need further advice.

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