Sick leave and sick pay

Attendance management scheme

As a local government employee you will receive the added benefit of the Sickness Scheme which is designed to supplement the Statutory Sick pay and Employment and Support Allowance.

Your sickness absence will be dealt with separately from any absence due to industrial disease, accident or assault arising out of, or in the course of, your employment with the council. Periods of absence in respect of one will not be off set against the other for the purpose of calculating entitlements under the scheme.

Your entitlement to sick pay is detailed in the table below:

Sick pay entitlement
Service length Sick pay allowance 

During the 1st year of service

1 months full pay and after completing 4 months service

2 months half pay

During 2nd year of service

2 months full pay and 2 months half pay

During 3rd year of service

4 months full pay and 4 months half pay

During 4th and 5th years of service

5 months full pay and 5 months half pay

After 5 years service

6 months full pay and 6 months half pay

The period during which you would receive sick pay, and the rate of sick pay, will be calculated by deducting from your entitlement on the first day of absence the cumulative number of periods of paid absence during the 12 months immediately preceding the first day of absence.

During full pay periods, if your rate of pay is higher than the current level of Statutory Sick Pay and Employment & Support Allowance you will be paid the difference between the current rate of Statutory Sick Pay or Employment & Support Allowance and your basic rate of pay.

If you do not qualify for Statutory Sick Pay you will be sent an SSP1 Form to complete and then you will be entitled to claim Employment & Support Allowance from JobCentre Plus. You will receive full pay less any Employment & Support Allowance you receive.

During half pay periods, your sick pay will be an amount equal to half your normal earnings plus Statutory Sick Pay providing the calculated total does not exceed your normal salary earnings. If your Statutory Sick Pay has expired you will receive half pay and claim Employment and Support Allowance from JobCentre Plus.

Normal pay includes all earnings that would be paid to you during a period of normal working, but excluding any payments that are not made on a regular basis.

If you are employed in more than one post within the council, and you are off sick from one post but not all posts, you will be paid full sick pay for the post that you are off sick from.

Statutory Sick payments that will be taken into account for the calculation of your occupational sick pay are those that you are entitled to on the basis that you have satisfied the following criteria, as far as possible:-

  • That you reported your absence in line with the guidelines;
  • The obligation to declare any entitlements to benefits and any subsequent changes in circumstances affecting your entitlement

If you are prevented from attending work because of contact with an infectious disease you will be entitled to your normal pay.

The period of absence on this account will not be reckoned against your entitlement under the scheme.

Sick Pay may be suspended if it is deemed that you had abused the scheme or failed to provide fit notes. You will be notified in writing detailing the grounds for the suspension and you will have the right of appeal.

You will not be entitled to claim sick pay under the scheme unless: 

  • You have notified the relevant person within the agreed time limits;
  • You have made further notification as required;
  • You have submitted a fit note from a doctor not later than the 8th calendar day of absence;
  • You have submitted subsequent fit notes from a doctor as necessary

If you are absent from work for a period exceeding 7 days you will need to obtain a statement from your doctor (Fit Note).

If necessary you may have to attend a medical examination by a medical practitioner nominated by the council. Any costs associated with the examination will be paid by the council.

Should you be charged for providing a statement from a doctor you will be reimbursed providing that you submit a receipt.

Should you become sick whilst on annual leave you will receive sick pay from the date of a doctor’s statement.