Job evaluation and job matching

Job evaluation

To ensure that the council has a fair and transparent grading structure, all jobs subject to the National Joint Council conditions for Local Government are evaluated in accordance with the Greater London Provincial Council job evaluation scheme.

The job evaluation scheme is based on 11 factors, a scoring system and weightings that are free from gender bias and discrimination.

New posts are submitted for evaluation and a job may also be submitted for reassessment if the duties or level of responsibility have significantly increased or changed.

If you disagree with the outcome of an evaluation then you have the right to appeal.

Job matching

Job matching is the process by which an employee in their current post can demonstrate that the scope and functionality of their current job remains extensively the same as a new role created during a period of organisational change (such as a service restructure), including levels of responsibility.

The post holder must also meet the requirements of the new Job Description and Person Specification.

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