Denbighshire County Council will seek to avoid redundancies where possible. Where it is unavoidable, the council will deal with the issue in a fair and equitable manner.

Our redundancy policy applies to all employees of Denbighshire County Council with the exception of:

  • Employees appointed by School Governing Body;
  • Directors and Heads of Service (separate National procedures shall be applied)

Measures to avoid compulsory redundancy

We will take all reasonable steps to avoid compulsory redundancies by considering alternatives; for example:

  • Seeking applications for early retirement or voluntary redundancy;
  • Seeking applications from existing employees to work flexibly;
  • Laying off casual or contract employees (this does not include fixed term employees);
  • Restrictions on recruitment;
  • Reduction or banning of overtime;
  • Filling vacancies from existing or at risk employees;
  • Retraining and redeployment to other parts of the council

The council will consider all reasonable alternatives put forward by employees or their representatives.

Redundancy policy (PDF, 834KB)

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