Working Denbighshire: Support and mentoring

A member of the Working Denbighshire team will support you with your personal needs, goals and requirements. This person will be your mentor.

During meetings with your mentor, you will be able to talk about your circumstances, preferences and job choices. Your mentor will talk to you about what you feel they could do to help you overcome any barriers that may be preventing you from getting to where you want to be such as;

  • learning new skills through training
  • gaining experience and up to date references through volunteering
  • finding a Job

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Working Denbighshire can support you with:

Benefits and Claimant Commitment

We'll help you understand your benefits and find out what you are entitled to and through Citizens Advice, we can make sure you get the advice that you may need to deal with any problems. They can also help with energy saving to cut down your fuel bills.

We'll also support you to meet your Claimant Commitment for the Job Centre by providing training to help you;

  • use a computer
  • access online information
  • create an up to date CV
  • search for job opportunities.

Searching for a job

We can help you to find appropriate training to help you to get the job you want.

We do the hard work when it comes to job searching, we have an up to date list of job opportunities and can match your skills to the vacancies that we have found or help you to get skilled up alongside helping with your application. 

Searching for volunteering opportunities 

We will work hard to try and help you to gain real work experience by finding you a volunteering opportunity and do everything we can to make sure that you are happy there.

Travel costs

Support for your  travel costs is available if you need to travel to training courses or volunteer placements.

What we expect from you

We expect the following;

Meetings with your mentor

When you agree to meet with your mentor, please turn up or make sure that you let them know if you can’t make it. Once an appointment has been agreed with you, we have allocated the time for your support and it could be that your Mentor has had to travel to come and see you. Please remember to let us know in plenty of time if we need to re-arrange.


To provide you with help, we have to ask you for evidence to prove that you are eligible. Your mentor will let you know what they need to see, please bring the documents so we can start supporting you as soon as possible.


There are forms that we need to complete with you to help us evidence what you have said about your work history, benefits and any barriers that you may have that prevent you from moving on.

Training courses

Training courses can be expensive, so you'll need to turn up and complete any training course. Please let us know if there is any reason why you can’t attend training that has been arranged for you so that we can try to make alternative arrangements.

Work Star™

The Work Star™ is a document that helps you and your Mentor to find out what your priorities are. It may be that you are really keen to find work and need targeted help with this or it may be that you aren’t ready to find a job at the moment, other problems that you are facing might need to be addressed before you can think about working.

The Work Star™ will help to identify what comes first and plan how to go about taking the steps to make progress. Your Mentor will help to make this process as easy as possible.