Beach Lifeguards

Off to the beach? You're in safe hands. Denbighshire is proud to have the RNLI operating a Beach Lifeguard Service on our beaches.

Fully qualified lifeguards operate on and around the beaches in Rhyl and Prestatyn giving out safety advice and responding to incidents throughout the season.

Incidents we can help with

  • missing people
  • inflatables drifting out
  • people stuck on rock groynes
  • people requiring medical attention
  • issues with mud
  • people caught out on sand banks
  • swimmers in difficulty

If you see someone in difficulty, tell a lifeguard.

If you can’t see a lifeguard, or for other emergencies, you should dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard or another emergency service.

Beach Lifeguard operational times

Our lifeguards are on duty during the following times:

Beach Lifeguard operational times
27 May to 4 June 7 days a week 10am to 6pm
10 June to 25 June Weekends only 10am to 6pm
1 July to 3 September 7 days a week 10am to 6pm

The above times are the core hours, but they can be extended by the officer in charge when weather and tides dictate.

Lifeguards are based at our zoned bathing areas but occasionally patrol the non-zoned areas as well. The lifeguarded bathing areas are;

Safety advice

Our flags indicate where it is safe to swim and where it may be dangerous.

Red and yellow flag

Red and yellow flags mark an area patrolled by lifeguards. We encourage people to swim in the lifeguarded zone between the flags.

Black and white chequered flags

Chequered flags mark areas used by craft such as boats and jet skis. Don't swim here.

Red flag

A red flag means danger. Don’t go in the water if you see this flag flying.

Orange windsock

An Orange Windsock shows wind direction and strength. Don't use inflatables if the sock is pointing out to sea.

You can find out more about beach safety by reading our safety leaflet.

Beach safety leaflet (PDF, 273KB)