Animal movement licence

You must have a general animal movement licence from the Welsh Government if you want to move livestock in Wales. This is to prevent the spread of disease.

You will need a general movement licence to move cattle, sheep, deer, goats or pigs from one holding premises to another. You will also need a separate licence for each species you want to move.

How do I apply for this licence?

You can apply for a general movement licence on the Welsh Government website (external website).

When moving deer, sheep and goats you will also need an animal movement licence for each type of animal.

EIDCymru is the electronic sheep and goat movement recording system for Wales (external website).

When moving pigs, you must pre-notify the movement through the eAML2 service (external website).

When moving cattle, they should be accompanied by their cattle passports, provided by the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) (external website). You must tell the BCMS within 3 days of the movement taking place.

Once you've moved animals, generally you must not move them again for at least 6 days (20 days for pigs).