Licences, permits and Trading Standards

Licences, permits and Trading Standards.

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Trading Standards

If you run a business in Denbighshire we can provide you with advice and guidance.

Business and street trading licences

Taxis, food businesses, market traders and more.

Parking permits

If you regularly use car parks in Denbighshire, you could save money with a parking permit.

Gambling licences

Licences to regulate gambling activities in Denbighshire.

Entertainment and alcohol licences

Personal and premises licences, temporary event notices (TENs) and more.

Charitable collections

You must get a permit from us to carry out charitable collections.

Food hygiene and safety

If you run a food business you are responsible for meeting food hygiene standards and conditions.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

When you need a HMO licence and how to apply.

Caravan and campsite licences

You need a licence to run a caravan or camping site.

Personal treatments

Register your tattooing, piercing or acupuncture business.

Road and highway licences

Road closures, scaffolding permits and more.

Animal licences

Licences for pet shops, breeders and more.

Child Employment Permits

Information about child employment permits

Explosives and fireworks

You need to apply for a licence if you intend to store explosives.

Mobile home licensing

Information about mobile home licensing.

Weighbridge operator's certificate

To operate any public weighing or measuring equipment, such as a public weighbridge, you need a certificate of competence issued by the Chief Inspector for Weights and Measures at the council.

Children in performances

The rules governing children in entertainment cover children who take part in ‘performances’ including all broadcast and theatre performances, child photography and modelling.

Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Services: Enforcement Policy

Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Services: Enforcement Policy.