Performing animals

If you exhibit, use or train performing animals you need to register with us. This includes the use of animals in stage performances, at circuses and as part of an exhibition.

The Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925 does not apply to the training and exhibition of animals for bone fide military, police, agricultural or sporting purposes.

Police and local authority officers including a vet, have the power to enter premises where animals are being trained and exhibited. If cruelty and neglect is detected, magistrates' courts can prohibit or restrict the training or exhibition of the animals and suspend or cancel the registration granted under the Act.

How do I apply for this licence?

The quickest and easiest way to get a performing animals licence is to apply online.

Once you have a licence, there is no need to renew it.

Apply online for a performing animals licence (external website)

Let us know about a change

If you already have a performing animals licence and your circumstances change, let us know.

Let us know about a change to a performing animals licence online (external website)

How much does it cost?

A performing animals licence costs £200 plus additional veterinary report costs as a vet will need to attend. 

When you apply for your licence online you will pay the fee online, by debit or credit card.

Current performing animal licences in Denbighshire

  • CJ Falconry (Denbigh)
  • Howl at the Moon (Dyserth)
  • Moel Famau Donkeys (Llanferres)
  • Pen y Bryn Falconry (Corwen)
  • Owl Rescue North Wales (Corwen)