Age restricted products and services

It is a crime to sell goods or services with an age restriction to a person below the age specified. You can find out the penalties and restrictions on children and young people buying/hiring certain goods or services by reading our age restricted products list. 

Age restricted products list (PDF, 178KB)

Not sure about a person’s age?

If you are not sure whether a person is old enough to buy your products or services, then you should ask them to show you proof of their age by either photocard driving license, passport or one of the national Proof of Age scheme’s eg (PASS). You should log any refusals on a refusal sales sheet or refusal book. 

Report underage sales

If you think that a business has been selling any of these items to someone who is underage, you can report them by contacting us. You will need to give us: 

  • The name and address of the business you are reporting 
  • Details of when the underage sale was made, what was bought and how old you think the buyer was.

Trade advice

You can visit our trade advice page to create and download an information pack to give you information on how your business can comply with the law.