Active Travel

Active Travel means walking and cycling (including electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters) for everyday short-distance journeys, such as journeys to school, work, or for access to shops, services and bus/rail stations. Active travel does not include journeys made purely for recreation or social reasons.

In September 2014, the Welsh Government introduced the Active Travel (Wales) Act which makes it a legal requirement for local authorities in Wales to map and plan for suitable routes for active travel within certain settlements in Denbighshire, as designated by the Welsh Government.

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Existing Routes Maps (ERMs) 

The first stage of the act required local authorities to produce Existing Routes Maps (ERMs) to show existing routes in Denbighshire that the council considered suitable for active travel. The ERMs therefore do not show all of the available walking and cycling routes within an area.

Integrated Network Maps (INMs) 

The second stage of the act required local authorities to produce Integrated Network Maps (INMs) to show potential new routes or improvements to existing routes in Denbighshire.