Public path orders

Sometimes changes are proposed to public paths shown on our definitive map. We might receive a request for a change or make the recommendation ourselves. We look at the evidence for why a change is needed and consult with the local community and landowners.

If it makes sense to go ahead and the request meets the legal requirements, we will publish a 'Definitive Map Modification Order' or a 'Path Diversion Order' containing the full details. Any current orders will be added below as well as being posted at the location, in the press and in the affected community.

There is a fixed period for people to share their comments or object to the changes suggested in the order. This feedback may lead to a hearing or public inquiry, and if this happens, we will publish a notice containing the details. Inquiries may be held in-person or online and information about how to attend and take part will be included in the notice.

If the proposals are approved, we will publish confirmation of the order, including any changes made as a result of people's feedback and the date it comes into effect.

Current orders

Public footpath between Ffordd Talargoch to public footpath 19 Meliden, Prestatyn

Date order was made: 13 January 2021

Date order was confirmed: 13 May 2023

FP55 sealed order confirmed by PEDW (PDF, 613KB)

Public footpath 59, Llanarmon-yn-Ial

Date order was made: 21 February 2023

Order Made notice: FP59 Llanarmon-yn-Ial (PDF, 1.56 MB)