Listed building consent

A listed building is a structure that is placed on a statutory list of buildings of architectural or historic interest. A structure that is attached or lies within the curtilage of a listed building may also be included as part of a listed building.

How can I find out if a building is listed?

You can view the current listed buildings on our interactive map or you can contact us.

View Denbighshire Listed Buildings Map

Alterations to listed buildings

Any alteration, extension or demolition to part of a listed building will need listed building consent, as well as the necessary planning permission or building regulation approval. It is a criminal offence to perform work to a listed building without listed building consent. 

How do I apply for listed building consent?

You can apply online through Planning Portal (external website), alternatively you can download an application. The listed building consent process can be complicated, so we recommend getting specialist advice from a professional consultant who has experience in dealing with historical buildings.

Apply online through Planning Portal (external website)

Listed Building Advice Service

We can give you pre-application advice for most types of development on Listed Buildings or developments in Conservation Areas and World Heritage sites.

Find out more about our Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings Advice Service