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  • You can use this form to report an breach of planning control in Denbighshire.

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    Anonymous complaints

    We will not investigate anonymous reports. Reports are treated in confidence and your details will be protected.

    Developments harming value or sale of a property

    We can only pursue alleged breaches that cause some form of harm to public amenity, e.g. to public safety, built heritage, the environment, etc. The value or sale of a property is not a planning consideration.

    Businesses run from home

    Small businesses run from home do not usually need Planning Permission but a planning breach may have taken place where:

    • A house is no longer being used mainly as a private residence
    • The business has resulted in a significant rise in traffic or people calling
    • The business has been involved in harmful activities unusual in a residential area
    • The business has disturbed neighbours at unreasonable hours or created other forms of nuisance such as noise or smells


    Caravans may be stationed within a garden without Planning Permission, so long as they are being used for purposes that are ancillary to the house. Similarly, caravans may be stationed on agricultural or forestry land, though occupancy and use restrictions usually apply. Many types of garden building, chalet or lodge can be classified as a caravan under relevant legislation.

    Untidy properties

    We can only investigate breaches that can be viewed from a public area.

    Investigation process

    The investigation of alleged planning breach is a discretionary service offered by us. We target resources to the most long-term and environmentally harmful sites. All reports will be recorded and we will investigate reports if and when workloads allow.

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