Adopted Local Development Plan

The Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out the proposals and policies for future development and use of land in Denbighshire. Our LDP was adopted in June 2013.

Local Development Plan (LDP): Covid-19 update

General Update

This information is to provide an update on current progress with the Denbighshire Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP) 2018-2033. Unfortunately delays have been experienced due to the Coronavirus pandemic but work has continued in the background whenever possible. In the past 2 years there have also been a number of new requirements that the LDP has to meet including changes in National Policy and Guidance and updates are required to some of the evidence base previously prepared. This includes a revised Technical Advice Note (TAN) on flood risk which requires an update to our Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment. The LDP Strategy and work on sites cannot be progressed until this is completed.  Work is currently underway to meet these challenges. The delivery agreement which sets out the timetable and consultation arrangements for the replacement LDP will need to be revised and it is anticipated that this will happen in summer 2022.

Welsh Government 'Future Wales - The National Plan 2040' and Denbighshire County Council 'Local Development Plan 2006 - 2021' constitute the development plan for the County until the replacement LDP is adopted by the local planning authority. All planning applications are assessed against development plan policies as well as planning policies as set out in Planning Policy Wales Edition 11.

Candidate Sites

Forthcoming changes to national policy and guidance have direct impacts on the assessment on candidate sites. It is appreciated that everyone is keen to see the results of site assessments but due to the on-going work, reporting on candidate sites assessments will not take place until summer 2022 at the earliest. All of the candidate sites will be reported on together and updates on individual sites prior to the formal reporting will not be provided.


The Rhyl Conservation Area has been reviewed and amended since adoption of the Denbighshire LDP 2006 – 2021. The Rhyl Conservation Area is now different to that shown on the LDP proposals maps and the interactive map. 

Revised Rhyl Conservation Area (PDF, 5.37MB)

Adopted Local Development Plan (interactive map)

Denbighshire Local Development Plan 2006–2021 Proposals Maps (Villages)
Denbighshire Local Development Plan 2006–2021 Proposals Maps (Hamlets)

Developer Guidance Note

At present the Council is unable to demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply as required by Welsh Government.

This has resulted in a number of planning applications and enquiries for housing development on sites outside development boundaries as defined in the adopted LDP.

The Council has therefore drafted a Developer Guidance Note which was approved by Planning Committee on 11th November 2015. The purpose of the Note is to provide guidance to potential applicants on providing comprehensive evidence to demonstrate that the proposed development is sustainable and is both viable and deliverable in order that it will make a genuine and early contribution to housing land supply and construction on the ground.

Developer Guidance Note - Housing Development Proposals Outside of Local Development Plan (PDF, 198KB)

Housing Land Prospectus

The purpose of this document is to provide developers and investors with a list of housing development opportunities in Denbighshire. This prospectus intends to concisely summarise known development considerations for each housing site. The approach of one site per page enables all the relevant background information to be easily distributed at pre-application stage.

The Housing Prospectus lists about 60 sites available for residential development in Denbighshire. It briefly outlines site characteristics and local policies relevant to any future planning applications. We are happy to provide a full pre-application service.

The Strategic Planning & Housing team is happy to assist with any queries you may have.

Housing Land Prospectus 2016 (PDF, 17.34MB)

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