New space standards for affordable housing

Welsh Government have introduced revised space standards for new affordable homes. They apply to all new build affordable homes and are encouraged on conversion schemes. These new standards replace the Development Quality Requirement (DQR) standard that was used previously. These new standards also replace the space standards set out in SPG Residential Development and SPG Residential Space Standards for affordable housing.

The table below sets out the new standards that will be applied to all new affordable homes.

Space standards for new affordable homes
Home DesignationHome TypeFloor Area (GIA) m2General Storage m2 (included in GIA)
7P4B 2 Storey House 114 3
6P4B 2 Storey House 110 3
5P3B 2 Storey House 93 2.5
4P3B 2 Storey House 88 2.5
4P2B 2 Storey House 83 2.5
3P2B 2 Storey House 74 2
3P2B Bungalow 58 2
3P2B Flat – Walk up 65 2
3P2B Flat – Common Access 58 2
2P1B Flat – Walk up 53 1.5
2P1B Flat – Common Access 50 1.5