Planning permission for Childminding and Children’s Day Care

If you run or are planning to run a Childminding or Children’s Day Care business, you may need planning permission for the property. Planning permission is different from child minding standards and you may need planning permission if;

  • New premises are to be developed
  • Existing premises are to be physically extended or altered
  • Use of the Child minding or day-care is considered a material change of use to the property (a material change of use could be where the business or non-residential use consistently generates visitors, traffic, noise or fumes over and above what would normally be expected if the property were in use as a home)

Planning permission is not normally needed where part of a home used for business purposes does not change the overall character of the property's use as a dwelling.

Get advice on whether or not you need planning permission

If you are considering carrying out child minding work at home, we recommend you get advice at an early stage.

 We can provide an informal view on whether or not you need to apply for planning permission. You can download our child minding questionnaire and standard letter to complete and send to us so that we can tell you if you need planning permission.

Childminding questionnaire and standard letter (MS Word, 16KB)

You can email your completed questionnaire to or post it to PO Box 62, Ruthin, LL15 9AZ.

Certificate of Lawfulness of a Proposed Use or Development

If you would like to be certain that planning permission is not required, you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC). Find out more, including how to apply for an LDC (external website). There is a charge for this and you should get advice from a planning agent as scaled plans will be required.

How to apply for planning permission

If you need to apply for planning permission, you can apply online through the Planning Portal website.

Apply for planning permission through Planning Portal (external website)