Planning permission

There are a number of online tools and guides that can help you work out if you need to apply for planning permission. Please remember that they are not a definitive source of legal information and you should contact us if you are not sure about a planning matter. 

Do I need permission?

Due to the complexity of legislation, planning staff cannot give informal advice on the need for planning permission.

In some cases you do not need permission, this is called permitted development. You can use the interactive semi-detached house guide or explore the interactive terrace on the Planning Portal website (external website) to find out whether or not you should apply.

Find out how to make an application for planning permission

Lawful development certificate

If you are not sure whether you need planning permission for a project, we recommend that you apply for a Lawful development certificate (LDC). This is different to planning permission and can be used to find out if a development requires planning permission.

You can apply on-line for an LDC or download a form from planning portal (external website). A Lawful Development Certificate is can be used to confirm that the use, operation or activity named in it is lawful for planning purposes.

Your responsibilities

It is a property or land owner’s responsibility to ensure that the relevant planning permission and building regulations are complied with, failure to do so can result in that person being liable for remedial action. You can find out more about your responsibilities on the planning portal website (external website).

Useful guides

Below is a list of guides for common household projects (external website);

Other planning permissions

For some projects, even if you are covered by permitted development rights, have planning permission, conservation area consent or listed building consent, you may still need additional permissions. 

We recommend that you check the following before you start work:

  • Ancient monuments
  • Covenants and Private rights
  • Licensed sites
  • The Party Wall etc
  • Protected species
  • Rights of way

You can visit planning portals other permissions page (external website) or contact us for more advice.