Ageing Well In Denbighshire

The Ageing Well in Denbighshire (AWID) group, is a very long standing multi-agency network representing organisations and individuals from all sectors who come together quarterly with a shared aim of improving the experience of older people in Denbighshire, and taking an inter-generational and collaborative approach. Members include both older individuals and representatives of both the statutory and voluntary sector.

We have an Ageing Well Plan which has always been considered alongside our County Council’s Corporate Plan (which also serves as our Wellbeing Plan and our Equality Plan). One of the themes of our Corporate Plan is to promote safety, resilience and well-being of people of all ages, using strong community networks that enable people to live safely, happily, independently, and receive support when needed, thus ‘A healthier and happier, caring Denbighshire’.

We have also aligned with the wellbeing outcomes within the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 (external website) and the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (external website), as well as Welsh Government’s Strategy for Older People in Wales (external website) and importantly, the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales Action Plan (external website), “taking action to protect older people’s rights, end ageism and age discrimination, stop the abuse of older people and enable everyone to age well.”

We are currently refreshing our Ageing Well Plan to align with the World Health Organisation’s ‘Age Friendly Cities Framework’ (external website) registration for our County. We are working towards this registration with our partners Age Connects and all the members of the Ageing Well in Denbighshire Group.

There are eight domains within the registration, which are all aspects of community life that need to be considered. All eight domains interlink but can be viewed as two main spheres covering the social and the built environment:

  • Outdoor spaces and buildings
  • Transport
  • Housing
  • Social participation
  • Respect and social inclusion
  • Civic participation and employment
  • Communication and information
  • Community support and health services

Once our plan is finalised, it will be published on this page of the website.

Celebrating Age: Ageing Well in Denbighshire

We undertake to support celebrations for older people in Denbighshire, promoting activities which will be taking place on 1 October each year, which is the International Day of Older Persons.

To find out more about Ageing Well in Denbighshire contact: