Corporate Plan 2022 to 2027: Summary

Our Corporate Plan sets out what we want to achieve for the people and communities of Denbighshire over the next 5 years. To deliver the "Denbighshire We Want".

1. A Denbighshire of quality housing that meets people's needs

  • Ensuring that people can access quality housing that meet their needs.
  • Helping people to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
  • Working to prevent homelessness.

2. A prosperous Denbighshire

  • Supporting economic growth.
  • Developing a plan to grow Denbighshire’s businesses in the future.
  • Providing advice and support for business growth and helping local communities to thrive.

3. A healthier and happier, caring Denbighshire

  • Delivering high standards of social care.
  • Supporting people of all ages to live well and be safe.
  • Helping people to live independently, providing support when needed.

4. A learning and growing Denbighshire

  • Supporting parents, and young children in the early stages of their development.
  • Making sure everyone has fair opportunities to learn.
  • Providing quality buildings and facilities that support learning and thriving communities.
  • Supporting people to learn new skills, volunteer and find good jobs.

5. A better connected Denbighshire

  • Maintaining a quality road network and enabling people to access education, employment, services and activities.
  • Supporting communities with improved digital networks and skills.
  • Working to support personal and community well-being.
  • Supporting our green infrastructure.

6. A greener Denbighshire

  • To become a net carbon zero and ecologically positive organisation by 2030.
  • Looking after and improving the natural environment.
  • Working with communities to cope with and reduce the impacts of climate change.
  • Improve recycling rates and reduce waste.

7. A fairer, safe, and more equal Denbighshire

  • Working to address the inequality and poverty faced by our communities.
  • Ensuring that everyone receives the same standard of service to support their well-being.
  • Promoting and celebrating diversity within our communities.

8. A Denbighshire of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language

  • Ensuring that everyone can access services in Welsh naturally at all stages in their lives.
  • Supporting the broader use of Welsh and the celebration of Welsh culture.
  • Developing a strategy to promote Denbighshire’s rich culture, heritage and natural assets.

9. A well-run, high performing Council

  • Embedding a positive culture of ambition, transparency and improvement.
  • Developing close and trusted relationships between our staff, elected members and our communities.
  • Ensuring the council is well-run and good value for money.
  • Ensuring Denbighshire County Council is a good employer and an excellent place to work.

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