Tackling poverty through employment

Working Denbighshire is our strategic approach to tackling poverty through employment.  Our aim is to coordinate support that helps people into work, removes barriers into work and gives children the best start in life. 

Our vision is to reduce poverty by enabling people to access a network of services that supports them in their journey towards employment, and to maintain their position and progress once in employment.

We are committed to facilitating a new approach to developing and building resilient communities across the most deprived areas, with a sharpened focus on tackling poverty by coordinating support that helps people into work, removes barriers into employment and gives children the best start in life.  This will be achieved through the development, implementation and measurement of a Denbighshire wide overarching employability strategy (Working Denbighshire) with the Local Authority as the ‘umbrella organisation’.

The aim is to ensure that work is aligned to an overarching strategic vision and approach to develop and build resilient communities in Denbighshire with a sharpened focus on tackling poverty through sustainable employment.

If you or someone you know is in, or at risk of poverty and would like help to get into or progress at work, visit our Help getting into and progressing at work webpage to find out how we can help.

Working Denbighshire Employment Framework

The Working Denbighshire Employment Framework has been developed to facilitate the effective integration and alignment of the tackling poverty and employability programmes and provision, to create more responsive services by promoting greater collaboration and oversight of the budgets, plans, and local work that currently takes place in the county under the Tackling Poverty agenda. 

The Working Denbighshire whole programme approach, with strategic interventions and coordinated action, aims to maximise innovation and facilitate the visioning and high quality planning of a seamless integrated approach and transformational change to local service delivery and value for money through future efficiencies in line with the Denbighshire’s new Corporate Priorities, Council policies, strategic aims, objectives and priorities whilst compliant with relevant legislation, guidance and terms and conditions as required by other funding bodies e.g. European Social Fund, Welsh Government etc.  The desired outcome is to provide clarity and vision regarding the shared impacts and outline the strategic intentions to oversee the delivery of training and employment support focussing on helping the citizens of Denbighshire to become economically active, improve their education and skills and maximise their personal resilience and well-being regardless of where they live, their age group and their fit against the many various eligibility criteria’s in force as a result of the different funding stream regulations. 

A key element will be to make finding help and support as easy and straightforward as possible recognising that many are not thinking about work, are not job ready and/or have too many barriers in their way.  This will be achieved through the development of a ‘Working Denbighshire’ Employment framework from engagement and inclusion via the Single Point of Triage (SPoT), to information and support, training and education, leading to activities involved in actively seeking work and in-work support.  Provision of support will be provided in key community locations such as libraries across Denbighshire

Working Denbighshire Framework (PDF, 2.42MB)

Single Point of Triage (SPoT)

The process of engagement, enquiry and referral will be simplified through a Single Point of Triage (SPoT) making support available to residents regardless of circumstance, providing they are considered to be either in, or at risk of poverty.

Working Denbighshire is facilitating simplified and streamlined access to the employability support available across Denbighshire for public, employers and service providers alike. 

The aim is for all new enquiries to come through our help getting into and progressing at work online form, or via a single number or for people to enquire at their local library. Enquiries will then be discussed at a multi-disciplinary Single Point of Triage meeting and allocated to the most appropriate support provision so that they receive the right support at the right time in the right place and stop ‘falling through the gaps’. Our aim is to fully integrate the SPoT across teams at a community level, internal and external to us, to simplify the process of engagement and referral and ensure support is available to all individuals in, or at risk of, poverty in Denbighshire. If you provide employability support then the SPoT provides you with an opportunity to increase referrals to your project so please do get in touch to find out more.

Working Denbighshire Employment Network (DEN)

We are working with partners towards the development of robust single access point for the identification, maximisation and coordination of skills/employability initiatives/opportunities for the residents of Denbighshire in line with the Working Denbighshire Strategic vision. Please contact us if you would like to be a member of this Network.


Part funded by the European Social Fund, Welsh Government and Denbighshire County Council.

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More information

Please contact us if you would like any further information on Working Denbighshire.