Election expenses

Election expenses means the money that candidates and political parties spend on items and services during an election campaign.

Notice of inspection of election expenses

How are election expenses regulated?

There are strict limits, set by law, on how much candidates and political parties can spend during an election period.

All candidates must submit a Declaration and Return of Expenses within a set period , whether or not they were elected. Even if they did not spend anything, they must still submit a nil return along with the declaration. The declaration and return of expenses is submitted to the Returning Officer, who is the person who has overall responsibility for the conduct of elections.

The declarations and returns of expenses are then available for inspection by the public for the following statutory periods: 

  • UK Parliamentary election: 2 years 
  • European Parliamentary election: 1 year 
  • National Assembly for Wales election: 1 year 
  • Local Government – County elections: 2 years 
  • Local Government – Community / Town elections: 1 year

How can I get more information?

Documents relating to elections held in Denbighshire can be inspected at the Electoral Office at County Hall, Ruthin within the above time periods. A copy can be provided for a fee (currently 20p for each side of each page). If you would like to inspect these documents, please contact us on 01824 706104 to make an appointment.

You can also ask for specific information by making a request under the Freedom of Information Act.