County and City, Town and Community Councillor Elections take place on Thursday 4th of May

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Voting and elections

All you need to know about elections and how to vote in Denbighshire.

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County Council elections (local elections)Find out about the County Council elections.


City, Town and Community Council electionsFind out about the City, Town and Community Council elections.


Registering to voteFind out if you are eligible to vote, and how to register.



Election resultsResults of past elections.


How to voteHow to vote in elections, including by post and by proxy.


ReferendumsFind out about referendums.



Welsh Assembly electionsFind out about Welsh Assembly elections.


Police and Crime Commissioner electionsFind out about the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.


By-electionsFind out about By-elections.



European electionsFind out about European elections.


Parliamentary elections (general elections)Find out about Parliamentary elections (general elections).


Polling stationsFind a polling station