What do I do with ceramics or crockery?

Unwanted bric-a-brac such as unbroken china can be reused and given to local charity shops or donated to the Rhyl-Re-Use Shop based at the Rhyl Waste and Recycling Park.

Re-Use Shop: Rhyl Waste and Recycling Park

A 'Re-Use' Shop, based at the Rhyl Waste and Recycling Park is now open 7 days a week.

Pre-loved furniture and some small working electrical items, as well as good quality clothing and other household/bric-a-brac items could be given another life by donating your unwanted items to the Re-Use Shop.

There are donation points open 7 days a week at all three Waste and Recycling Parks.

Broken china/ceramics

Broken china or ceramics should be wrapped in newspaper and placed in your black general waste bin or pink sack for safe disposal.

Black General Waste Bin

Black general waste bin.

Pink Sack

Pink sacks.