Trade waste

The cost of commercial waste collection is not covered by business rates so we make a charge for collection and disposal. You have the option of using the service we provide or you can make your own arrangements with a private licensed waste management contractor. 

You cannot use the domestic refuse and recycling services for disposal of trade waste and access to the Recycling Parks for the disposal of trade waste is not permitted.

Workplace recycling is changing

From 6 April 2024, it will become law for all businesses, charities and public sector organisations to sort their waste for recycling.

Find out more, including what waste needs to be separated and who the law applies to by visiting recycling (external website).

What services can the Council offer me?

We can offer a range of collection services for recyclable materials, food waste and residual waste (rubbish that we cannot recycle). You can choose from various sizes of wheelie-bin or single-use sacks for recycling or residual waste. For food waste, we offer the same 23 litre caddies used for household collections and also 120 litre wheelie bins, more appropriate for food production and catering businesses.

How can I arrange collection?

Contact us to arrange your collection service

You can also contact our customer service centre on 01824 706000 to arrange a collection service. We will need to get you the correct waste containers and, in the case of wheelie bin services, a signed contract.

Trade recycling

Our recycling service allows you to save money and protect the environment by recycling a large proportion of your waste, including:

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • glass bottles
  • plastic bottles
  • cans

You can choose the containers that suit you best, whether it is a 1100 litre wheelie bin or a roll of clear sacks.

You can find out what materials can be recycled by reading our recycling leaflet.

Recycling collection (PDF, 668KB)

Food waste collections

We collect around 4,000 tonnes of food waste every year from Denbighshire’s households and businesses. This food waste is processed locally to produce renewable electricity and a nutritious liquid fertiliser that is used to enrich local agricultural land. As well as being the most environmentally beneficial way of recycling food waste, the Welsh Government is making it compulsory for businesses to have their food waste collected separately.

We can help you recycle your food waste with a convenient weekly service using caddies like those you use at home or 120 litre wheelie bins, that can still be moved easily when full.

Residual waste collections

Residual waste is the name given to the leftover waste that should have had all the recyclable materials removed from it. Rather than send this waste to landfill, we send all residual waste to a modern energy-from-waste incinerator where it is used to generate electricity.

Residual waste is the most expensive waste to have collected, so you should look to recycle all you can to minimise your costs. Again, we offer a range of container sizes from single-use brown sacks to 1100 litre wheelie bins.

How much does it cost?

Our current prices for wheelie bin services are as follows:

Charges for trade waste wheelie bin collections
Wheelie BinsRecyclingResidualFood
1100L £12.75 £25.75 N/A
660L £10.25 £15.75 N/A
360L £6.50 £9.25 N/A
240L £4.50 £6.95 N/A
120L N/A N/A £3.85
23L N/A N/A £1.95

Wheelie bin prices are "per empty" with no extra costs for container rental or documentation.

Our current prices for sack collections are as follows:

Charges for trade waste sack collections
10 sacks £15.50 £26.25
52 recycling sacks (roll) £77.00 N/A
100 brown sacks N/A £242.75

Please note: sacks must be purchased in minimum quantities of 10 units but you can purchase interim quantities at pro rata rates. The prices include the cost of collection and disposal of the waste, as well as the issue of a Waste Transfer Note.

Report a missed trade waste collection

Report a missed trade waste collection

Trade bulky item collection

You can also arrange for certain bulky items to be collected. The cost of this service is not the same as for household bulky collections as we must charge for the cost of disposal of the items. Enquire below to find out what we can collect and how much it costs.

Get a quote for trade bulky item collection

Alternatively, you can contact the customer service centre on 01824 706000.

Cardboard collection service labels

For customers with little or no storage capacity for wheelie bins, we offer a cardboard collection service. With one of our labels attached, you can set out up to 1 cubic metre of flattened cardboard for collection. Please note that this service is subject to a fair use policy.

You can buy sheets of 14 cardboard collection service labels from our One Stop Shops.

More information

Business owners who breach their duty of care in their handling of waste may commit an offence under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, for which the maximum penalty is £5,000 at a magistrates court, or an unlimited fine upon conviction at a crown court. You are required, by law, to produce copies of your current Duty of Care Waste Transfer notes, when asked by an authorised officer to prove that you are disposing of your waste in a responsible manner.