Problems paying business rates

Always let us know if you are having a problem making a payment as there may be some help we can provide you with. You can contact us but in some circumstances, it is not always possible to avoid recovery action.

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Recovery action

When someone is made liable for business rates, a demand notice is issued and details the payments due. Below are the stages of recovery action we can take if instalments are not paid;

First reminder

If a payment is not fully paid by the date requested, then a reminder can be issued, giving seven days for the arrangement to be brought up to date.

Second reminder

If you fall behind with your payments for a second time, another reminder may be issued. However, no more than two reminders can be issued for one billing period.

Final Notice

If you fail to bring your payments up to date after a first or second reminder, then you will lose the right to pay by instalments as a final notice will be issued giving you seven days to pay the full amount remaining for the financial year. Depending on the circumstances, a special arrangement may be set up by direct debit at this stage, however, recovery action would continue from the final notice if this is cancelled.

Court summons

If the final notice is not paid (or a special arrangement is not put in place and kept to), then a court summons can be issued to obtain a liability order. There is a £70 charge for the summons being issued which would be added to the outstanding balance.

Enforcement Agents

Once a liability order is obtained, the account is passed to the Enforcement Agents. Find out more about Enforcement Agents

Can I change my payment date?

Cash payments are usually due on the 5th, if you find this date inconvenient; consider Direct Debit as it gives you a choice of payment dates.

Difficulty making a transaction

Please contact us if you are experiencing problems with any payment method.

Request a bill in another format 

Business rates bills are available in braille, large print or on audio CD. If you'd like to receive your bill in another format, please call 01824 706000.