Technology for your business

Technology is transforming the way business is being conducted in almost every sector. You can get help and advice from us and other organisations about how your business can use technology effectively.

How we can help your business use technology

We provide one to one support for businesses to get practical help to improve their use of communications technology. We can help with; 

  • Marketing (including websites, social media and selling online)
  • Security and Data storage
  • Cloud computing
  • Business Software
  • Telephony
  • Mobile working                
  • Getting a better understanding of all the potential opportunities for your business

How to arrange one to one support

You can contact us online to request one to one support for your business.

How local businesses use technology

Watch the videos below to find out how businesses in Denbighshire are using technology to their benefit.

Myddelton Grill - Ruthin

The video made with Myddleton Grill gives information on Point of Sale software and benefits of Social Media.

Watch the Myddleton Grill video on YouTube to find out more (external website)

Lawn Master

The video made with Lawn Master gives information on the value of investing in business software and use of YouTube to promote services.

Watch the Lawn Master video on YouTube to find out more (external website)

Vist the Lawn Master Website (external website)

ProKite Surfing

The video made with ProKite Surfing explains the value of a website, social media and Trip Advisor in promoting the business, as well as the importance of WIFI and innovative use of technology.

Watch the ProKite Surfing video on YouTube to find out more (external website)

Visit the ProKite Surfing Website (external website)

Elevate Your Sole

The video made with Elevate Your Sole gives information on selling worldwide through E-Commerce, Point of Sale Software, Social Media and Cloud computing.

Watch the Elevate your sole video on YouTube to find out more (external website)

Visit the Elevate your sole Website (external website)

Fifth Wheel

The video made with Fifth Wheel gives information on the importance of broadband in communicating with customers, Wi-Fi for clients and effective use of social media analytics.

Watch the Fifth Wheel video on Youtube to find out more (external website)

Visit the Fifth Wheel Website (external website)

Stand Up Paddle Board

The video made with Stand Up Paddle Board gives information about online marketing, video promotion on social media, online booking 24/7 and investing in up to date technology.

Watch the Stand Up Paddle Board video on YouTube to find out more (external website)

Visit the Stand Up Paddle Board Website (external website)


The video made with DesignWeb gives information on cloud computing, investment in hardware and software and use of superfast broadband to transmit large files rapidly.

Watch the Design Web video on YouTube to find out more (external website) 

Visit the DesignWeb Website (external website)


The video made with VizWorx gives information on the use of superfast broadband for large file transfer and communicating with clients and using LinkedIn to make contact with new business clients.

Watch the VizWorx video on YouTube to find out more (external website)

Superfast Business Wales

Superfast Business Wales is a Welsh Government initiative and fully funded business support service that can inspire and transform your business. Created specifically to help small and medium sized business, the service provides extensive online information including;

  • guides
  • factsheets
  • top tips
  • blogs
  • case studies
  • online tools
  • practical workshops
  • access to expert Digital Business Advisers.

For immediate support, visit the Superfast Business Wales website (external website) or call 030 006 030 00 for unbiased help and advice.

More information

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