Advice for Gypsies and Travellers

There are currently no authorised pitches in Denbighshire for Gypsies and Travellers to stay on.

Encampments on council land

If you set up an encampment on council land, an officer from our Property and Education Departments will visit you. You will be asked questions about your situation, your health and welfare, if you need any other support and how long you intend to stay on site.

Unless anyone in your group has specific needs, we may take legal action to take back possession of the site. 

Encampments on private or 3rd party land

If you set up an encampment on private or 3rd party land then it is the landowner's responsibility to take action. 

View our advice for landowners. 

Legal action against unauthorised encampments

Legal action will most likely result in a Civil Court Order for Possession, which will be posted at the site and enforcement will follow. If private landowners act under common law, eviction can be very swift and bailiffs can be present within hours.

While trespass is a civil offence, if the group's behaviour goes against the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, or if there is evidence of criminal activity, the Police can take action.


You can get information on housing in Denbighshire from our housing section.