How the Rhyl Town Centre Vision was developed

The Rhyl town centre Vision was developed from a collaborative effort between people from public, private and community backgrounds with a deep interest in creating a better future for Rhyl. It is based on the issues highlighted by local people and the suggestions, solutions and ideas of a great many more.

The process of developing the vision has brought co-ordination and clarity of purpose to efforts to support a brighter long term future for the town and the 'Rhyl Vision' is intended to be used as a consistent reference point for decision makers, developers and investors that will speed up the process of regeneration in the town. It sends a clear message to residents and the wider world that confidence in and perceptions of Rhyl town centre are changing - and will continue to change - for the better.

Vision Statement

"A modern, distinctive seaside town that meets the needs of its community and gives people from in and outside Rhyl a reason to visit."

Rhyl Town Centre Vision Statement